Concrete & Masonry Services

Every Paragon job delivers a perfect blend of beauty and style with optimal comfort and convenience. Let us help you design and build a bathroom that delivery ultimate functionality with a dramatic aesthetic that lends flair and finesse. These aren’t just stonework options; we offer perspective on how the stonework will enhance your home’s design overall. We rethink, redesign, and rebuild your new living space to totally revolve around you.

Whether designing and building new projects or repairing, reinforcing or replacing existing structures, our expert team of concrete and masonry specialists can enhance your building’s strength, structure, amenities and value by providing long-term solutions at sensible prices.


Strength, stability & durability

To ensure optimal quality, Paragon uses the highest grade materials and most respected brands of products. Built to last, our concrete and masonry construction will impress you with its superior engineering, super performance, solid strength, stability and durability. Licensed, bonded and insured, we provide the best product warranties and labor guarantees. Partnering with structural and forensic engineering companies, we’ll help you inspect , test, evaluate and reconstruct your concrete and masonry projects - on time and within your budget.

Our team of experience designers, structural engineers, architects and artisans - with 30 years of experience - understands the intricacies of concrete and masonry construction and the principles of building science. Built for functional decorative purposes, our concrete and masonry projects run the gamut - from repairing or replacing walls, foundations, buildings and walks to tuckpointing chimneys, constructing steps, pool decks and driveways.


Priceless advice & affordable pricing

Count on Paragon to provide helpful advice, steering your safely though the infinite products, options and decisions to find the perfect solution for your concrete and masonry needs that benefits your building and your bottom line.

Our diligent project managers are on the jobsite every day producing constant supervision, directing the timing and progress of your project and ensuring we adhere to the highest safety and workmanship standards in the industry. Throughout the job, we give you valuable advice and innovative ideas to contain costs, save time and money and maximize results. When we’re done, you’ll marvel over our efficient process, state of the art workmanship, outstanding results and competitive pricing.