Interiors & Exteriors

At Paragon Restorations, we offer imaginative ideas that no only add value and longevity to your home, but also enhance your home’s unique character and style. By combining our contemporary design and impeccable craftsmanship with your home vision, we will create a custom home exterior creation that results in impressive curb appeal. Paragon Restorations will skillfully redefine and revitalize any room or space in your home into a more beautiful and functional place to live. Our remodeling specialists will help you navigate through the infinite choices and decisions to create the perfect balance of form, function, and budget. From color schemes to tile placement, we will work with you to transform the space you live in the the space you love living.


Concrete & Masonry

Whether designing and building new projects or repairing, reinforcing or replacing existing structures, our expert team of concrete and masonry specialists can enhance your building’s strength, structure, amenities and value.

Water Intrusion

Paragon Restorations has a team of dedicated experts with 30 years’ experience investigating, detecting, diagnosing and resolving water intrusion issues with a variety of weatherization, special construction and structural engineerings technologies.

Insulation & Ventilation

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