Windows & Doors

Our talented team of siding and window experts– with 30 years of hands on experience–will skillfully design and build the smartest, managed wall and siding solutions and install the best choice of replacement windows to greatly enhance your property’s look, life, performance and value.

Our siding and window experts are certified installers for all major manufacturers of siding products. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge and skills and unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, you will be impressed with how your new siding and windows deliver maximum appeal, long-term performance and ultimate protection– all within your budget.

You will love how your new siding and windows insulate, protect and secure your building from water and moisture intrusion and from snow, ice, wind, hail, extreme heat and cold and other weather-related issues that can damage your building. With the right choice of siding and replacement window products and services and our precise installation methods, you will see significant savings in heating and cooling costs as well as a more attractive, comfortable and quieter interior.


Count on Paragon to provide priceless advice and helpful information. We steer you safely through the confusing maze of infinite siding and window options, helping you to make the best decisions and select the right solutions in and products that perfectly fit your needs and your budget.

While our siding and windows look and perform like a million, you will find our prices surprisingly affordable, our solutions cost effective and our service as good as it gets. proof that partnering with paragon makes perfect business sense.